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Ipas works globally to improve access to abortion and contraception so that everyone can determine their own future. Across Africa, Asia and Latin America, we work with partners to make abortion and contraception widely available, to connect individuals with vital information so they can access services, and to advocate for legal, accessible abortion.
Reproductive rights, including abortion rights, are human rights. Everyone has the right to make informed decisions about their body and health.


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Telehealth initiative answers ‘the need of the hour’ in Pakistan

With physical access to health facilities in Pakistan severely limited by the country’s rapidly growing number of COVID-19 cases, providing women and girls an alternative way to get reproductive health counseling and information “is the need of the hour,” says Ghulam Shabbir Awan, director of Ipas Pakistan.
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Why universal health coverage must include abortion

Abortion is health care, and health care is a human right. That’s why efforts to advance universal health coverage (UHC)—an international effort to guarantee that all people, regardless of where they live, have access to essential, quality health services without financial hardship—must include strong language defining sexual and reproductive health care, including abortion care, as an integral part of health and well-being.


Keeping abortion essential during COVID-19

During the pandemic, Ipas is working to ensure that abortion and contraceptive care remain essential health services—and that all people can access them. We know that sexual and reproductive health care is often neglected or difficult to access during a crisis, and disrupted supply chains can reduce access to contraceptives and safe abortion supplies. All these factors can in turn drive more people to seek unsafe abortions that risk their health and lives. We can’t let that happen.

Health, access, rights

We are unapologetically focused on people who want contraception or abortion, and we focus our efforts on their needs. Ipas, as part of the broader reproductive justice movement, works to ensure that abortion and contraceptive care are essential health services—and that all people can access them. Our programs use a multifaceted approach that addresses reproductive health services, access to services and fulfillment of reproductive rights.