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About the A&A Subcommittee

The ICFP Advocacy & Accountability (A&A) subcommittee was formed in 2015. At the 2016 ICFP in Bali, A&A was featured as a spotlighted conference track for the first time in the conference’s history. Since then, recognizing that A&A is essential to the success of efforts throughout the family planning and SRHR community, it has since been integrated into all conference tracks.

The aim of the Advocacy & Accountability subcommittee is to initiate and coordinate efforts to highlight the role of advocacy and accountability at the global, regional, national and sub-national levels to ensure access to voluntary, quality family planning information, services and supplies in the context of sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Committee's Vision for ICFP2022

The A&A subcommittee will ensure that advocacy and accountability are highlighted throughout the ICFP 2022 in a variety of formats.

Members, Partners & Supporters

The subcommittee is represented by a vast array of actors in the field including local civil society organizations, NGOs, INGOs, local and global initiatives, academic institutions, donor organizations, etc.

Get In Touch

If you are interested in knowing more about the ICFP Advocacy & Accountability Subcommittee, please get in touch.

Contact: Kate Barrett

The A&A subcommittee aims to ensure that advocacy and accountability are highlighted throughout the ICFP. There are many activities planned for the upcoming conference including:

  • Finding ways to engage donors and decision makers in different ways throughout the conference
  • Including advocacy and accountability in various conference sessions
  • Leading roundtable discussions and exchanges on topics related to advocacy and accountability

Stay tuned as we add more activities and details to this list!

We all have a role to play in advocacy and accountability!

Advocacy and accountability (A&A) play a critical role increasing access to and use of quality family planning services and supplies using evidence and best practices. A&A takes many forms and occurs at all levels – from influencing global platforms like the SDGS and FP2030 and holding countries accountable to their commitments to demanding reform at the local level and ensuring decision makers hear from the people impacted by their actions.

Engaging in advocacy and accountability can speed up and improve the pace, scope, and quality of change to address the ongoing challenges in family planning and ensure that words translate into meaningful action. With so many challenges and opportunities facing the global family planning community, we all have a role to play in advocacy and accountability!

Advocacy & Accountability Roundtable Discussions

Advocacy & Accountability & #NotWithoutFP Forum