ICFP 2022


The EXCELL Awards, for Excellence in Leadership for Family Planning, have been bestowed by the ICFP since the inception of the conference in 2009, as a way to publicly recognize extraordinary individuals, organizations and countries who have made significant contributions to the family planning field, and whose work deserves to be highlighted and used to inspire meaningful dialogue within the community.


Join us in celebrating our community’s achievements improving the global family planning landscape through service delivery, advocacy, policy, research, and demand generation.

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Individual or Team 


This award recognizes players whose commitment and efforts are crucial in expanding access to voluntary family planning. Nominations are accepted for individuals and small teams.


Organization or Facility


This award recognizes the contributions of non-state actors or entities working at the country level in one or more of the following areas: service delivery, advocacy/policy, research, or demand generation for family planning.




This award recognizes a government that has made significant advancements and extraordinary achievements in family planning.

Meet the


Country Level

The Republic of Uganda

Burkina Faso

Organizational Level

Profamila Colombia

Team Level

Save the Children Yemen


Minister of Health of Burkina Faso, Dr. Nicolas Meda