ICFP Mentoring Activity

Many of us have been lucky enough to have had a supervisor, coach, or teacher who has been a mentor and made a positive difference in our lives.

Our mentors have worn many hats, acting as advocates, cheerleaders, role models, delegators, policy enforcers and friends.

Are you ready to pass it on and have a hand in shaping the upcoming leaders of family planning?

The ICFP Youth Subcommittee and 120 Under 40: The New Generation of Family Planning Leaders are looking for mentors to guide youth conference delegates leading up to and during the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP)!

The 2022 ICFP will feature a formal mentoring activity. The purpose of the mentoring activity will be to cultivate long-term relationships between professionals at all levels in the FP and SRHR field. The mentoring activity will launch following the ICFP registration opening (June 1, 2022) to enable mentees and mentors to engage through ICFP. The mentoring program is open to the entire ICFP community regardless of career level.

Once mentees and mentors are matched based on pre-selected criteria, mentees and mentors will be notified of their match and will set up an initial meeting. In their first meeting, mentors and mentees will complete an agreement document that will ask the pair to set clear expectations, goals, and commitments for their mentoring relationship. That agreement will be completed, signed, and submitted. Establishing items at the onset of the program will support a relationship that is productive and beneficial for both parties.

Throughout the duration of the mentoring activity, mentors and mentees will meet regularly virtually and/or in person. Mentors and mentees will also be given the opportunity to meet at the 2022 ICFP at an in-person and virtual mentor/mentee session. Mentors will be recognized at the 2022 ICFP.

Am I qualified to be a mentor?

To be a mentor, participants should:

  • Be registered to attend ICFP (there is no financial support to attend the conference available for mentors)
  • Be comfortable sharing your experiences, network, and knowledge with mentee(s)
  • Feel open learning from your mentee — this is a mutual learning experience
  • Meet the time commitments detailed below before, during, and after the conference

Please see the mentor information sheet for an overview of the expectations of mentors.

How to sign up:

To apply to be a mentor once you have registered for the conference, click the button below:

To apply to be a mentee once you have registered for the conference, click the button below:

For questions about the application process, contact: youth@theicfp.org

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