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Shifting Power and Advancing Equity in Global Health

14 November 2022 | 7:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Royal Cliff Grand Hotel | Pattaya City, Thailand

 Common Vision for this Pre-conference

To bring the family planning community together and host a bold initial conversation about how WE can shift power and accelerate efforts to advance equity in global health.

This gathering of willing and passionate individuals, donors, and organizations aims to spark further discussion, partnership, collaboration, and action, setting the stage to co-create a way ahead following the International Conference on Family Planning in November 2022.

The session will begin in plenary, followed by concurrent sessions, and a closing plenary – but the dialogue won’t end there. There will be opportunities throughout the conference to continue to have these bold, honest conversations.

In order to encourage an open dialogue, the planning team has made the decision to only offer this session to delegates attending the International Conference on Family Planning in person. To protect and create space for reflection, we are not inviting any media participation in the pre-conference. We plan to record and share the opening and closing plenary sessions which will also have simultaneous interpretation into French for all delegates unable to participate on-site. Interested media are welcome to review the recordings following the event.

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Timing Session Description
7:30 – 8 AM

Caffeinate & Re-Connect


Join us for a coffee or tea and reconnection with colleagues and friends.

8 – 9 AM


Opening Plenary

Pulling Back the Curtain and Setting the Stage For a New Decade of Progress


With this session we will begin with a brief examination of current practices and position the historical legacies in family planning and development. We will wrap up with a critical reflection about the language we use and the practices it perpetuates.

9:10 – 11 AM


Concurrent Sessions

Envisioning Equitable, Accessible Funding Partnerships: What Does It Mean to Move Money to the Global South?


In this session, participants will engage in a deeper discussion on effective and concrete ways to transform the health development sector to deliver on the promise of moving money to the Global South.

Operational Barriers to Equity


This session will explore operational barriers to equitable development and identify practical ways that individuals, organizations, and donors can help or hinder transformative change.

Unpacking and Reimagining Power and Relationship Dynamics


In this session, participants will discuss the status quo power dynamics from the global to the local levels. We will collectively examine the elephant(s) in the room and explore strategies to address these and foster progress.


11:10 – 12:30 PM


Closing Plenary


The Way Forward – Priorities and Evolving Practices for Shifting Power in Family Planning


With this session we aim to collectively identify opportunities to continue this conversation throughout the conference and after the conference, questions to explore further as a community, and how we will track our success.