Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the most common frequently asked questions about ICFP 2022.

Fraudulent Websites

Please be aware that fraudulent websites are advertising false registration and accommodation for the next ICFP. The only official registration and accommodation options for ICFP 2022 will be offered through, once ICFP registration opens.

General FAQs

How do I register for ICFP 2022?

Registration for ICFP 2022 will open June 1, 2022. More information regarding registration will be available on the registration page. Other key dates and links can be found here.

Which organizations support the ICFP?

Many organizations partner with us to bring the ICFP to fruition. Through their collective efforts, the conference program is significantly enriched.

The ICFP is made possible with support from the ICFP Core Organizing Group—Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, David and Lucile Packard Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett FoundationUnited Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), UK Aid, Government of Canada, Family Planning 2030 (FP2030), Ouagadougou Partnership Coordination Unit (OPCU), United Nations Foundation (UNF), Population Services International (PSI), Marie Stopes International (MSI), International Youth Alliance for Family Planning (IYAFP), International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), as well as the International Steering Committee, comprised of more than 60 partner organizations, and the National Steering Committee of the ICFP.


ICFP 2022 Sponsors include Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Bayer AG, Pathfinder International, Family Planning 2030 (FP2030), Population Services International (PSI), Abt Associates, DKT WomanCare Global, Guttmacher Institute, IBP Network, Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW), CARE, EngenderHealth, IntraHealth International, Ipas, International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), SUSTAINING HEALTH OUTCOMES THROUGH THE PRIVATE SECTOR (SHOPS) PLUS, IPUMS PMA, ​​Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, MSI Reproductive Choices, Jhpiego, PATH, Save the Children, PAI, VSO, Concept Foundation. 


Additional ICFP 2022 sponsorship opportunities are available. Please visit Sponsorship Opportunities for updated information.

Will translation services be available at ICFP 2022?

The official language of ICFP is English. But, it is our hope that we will once again be able to offer French interpretation in over 50% of all sessions. We also hope to provide interpretation software which all attendees with smartphones and/or computers will be able to utilize. All sessions taking place in the main Plenary Hall will have both French and Thai interpretation.

Where is ICFP 2022?

This global gathering will take place in Pattaya City, Thailand at the Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH). Pattaya City is a coastal city conveniently located 90 minutes southeast of Bangkok along the East Coast of Thailand.

Where can I find more information about the ICFP side events and pre-conferences?

ICFP side events: Side events for the 2022 International Conference on Family Planning include any meetings, workshops, panels, networking sessions, training courses, and presentations that take place outside of the programmed conference hours (8:30 to 17:40). Most side events are not organized by the ICFP hosts, but by partner organizations and our various subcommittees. They are an opportunity for groups to convene stakeholders to focus on their own area of interest in the format of their choice. If you are interested in hosting an onsite side event within the convention center complex, they are offered through our various sponsorship packages.

The 2018 conference included more than 80 onsite and offsite side events and pre-conference events. 

ICFP Pre-Conferences: Pre-conferences are organized and hosted by our community partners and some ICFP subcommittees. You can find more about pre-conferences held by these ICFP communities in the Communities Tab.

How many people do you expect to attend the 2022 ICFP?

Based upon our historical percentage increase in attendance, we initially anticipated approximately 5,000 attendees from over 120 countries around the world at the 2022 ICFP. We are continuously working to mitigate as much risk as possible to ensure the safety and health of our delegates posed by COVID-19. The postponement of the conference until November 14-17, 2022, will hopefully give time for the vaccine to  be widely available in all countries in which our delegates reside to allow for all to safely attend, as we will likely be requiring all who attend the 2022 ICFP to be vaccinated. As well, we will be working with our co-host the government of Thailand, including the Ministry of Public Health to determine the maximum number of people who may safely convene in the convention center complex, which may further limit the number of attendees able to attend the ICFP in person. Therefore, we are currently working to maximize our virtual options for those who may not be able to attend in person. See below for more information about the implementation of the 2022 ICFP COVID-19 safety measures.

Who can I contact if my question isn't answered here?

If your question or concern was not addressed in the above FAQs, please reach out to the following (note that during peak conference events responses may be delayed).


Registration & Hotels: 

Exhibit Booths: 


Side Events: 


Youth Pre-Conference & Youth Leadership Applications: 

Subcommittee questions or sign-up: 

General inquiries: 

Scientific Program FAQs

How do I submit an abstract?

Unfortunately, the abstract submission deadline has passed, and we are no longer accepting submissions. Thank you for your interest.

If my abstract is accepted for the ICFP scientific program, will I automatically receive funding to attend the conference?

No, all accepted abstract presenters are responsible for registering online, paying the registration fee, and securing travel and accommodation arrangements. The ICFP is offering several conference funding opportunities for young professionals interested in attending the ICFP. Please see the below opportunities and review eligibility criteria:

Do participants have to apply to the travel awards? or if the abstract is accepted, is the abstract automatically under consideration for a travel award?

Limited travel support is available. Only individuals whose abstracts are selected for oral presentation will be eligible to apply. Priority will be given to junior researchers under 35 years of age (by November 14, 2022) from developing countries. Travel support application invitations will be provided with abstract acceptance notification by June 1, 2022.

What is the Jr. Researcher travel award & who is eligible?

Authors 35 and under with an accepted abstract will be eligible for the Jr. Researcher travel award. Applications for the Jr. Researcher travel award will open June 1, 2022. Eligible authors will be contacted to apply. The Jr. Researcher travel award will provide travel support to attend and present at the ICFP. 

Can abstract reviewers, members of sub-committees, or people otherwise involved with planning ICFP submit abstracts?

Yes! There are no restrictions on who can submit. Reviewers should not review their own abstracts and will be given an opportunity to note any conflicts of interest once abstracts are assigned.

Are there limits on the number of abstracts that can be submitted by individuals or organizations?

No. Individuals and organizations can submit as many abstracts as they like. However each individual can appear only twice in the program as a presenter in either a traditional oral or flash presentation session so authors should consider identifying a range of presenting authors.

Can abstracts cover already published findings?

No. Journal articles that are already accepted for publication or published before the abstract submission deadline should not be submitted. If journal articles are accepted for publication and published before ICFP that is acceptable.

Can figures and tables be included in ICFP abstracts?

No. Submitters should not include tables or figures in their abstracts as they cannot be uploaded in the abstract submission portal. However, if possible, they should include the specific point estimates and/or coefficient values when describing key results in the text.

Can you submit the same presentation for both individual and preformed panels?

No. You should submit each potential presentation only once as either an individual abstract or as part of a pre-formed panel.

Do all presenters need to be in person at ICFP?

We hope that all presenters will be able to attend the event in person and presenters will be given priority for registration. However, we are working to identify alternative options for presenters to present remotely.

Is it acceptable to submit abstracts without having the data?

Yes, promissory abstracts can be submitted, though they are not likely to score as well as abstracts with at least preliminary data or findings.

What should I do if my abstract doesn’t align with any of the sub-tracks listed for a particular track?

Authors should submit to the track that they think is the best fit, even if the sub-tracks don’t perfectly align. Sub-tracks are not an exhaustive list of potential topics so authors should submit to the track that they feel best aligns with their abstract and select “other” when identifying a sub-track.

Are citations required and do citations count towards the word limit for abstracts?

Citations are not required. The Dryfta system cannot distinguish between citations and non-citations and thus any citations that are included will count towards the word count.

How many abstracts will be accepted?

Depending on any relevant social distancing requirements, we anticipate accepting between 1,500 and 1,600 abstracts.

At the final stage, there is an option to submit abstract authors that says: Are you submitting on behalf of an author? Please tick this checkbox to add yourself as a submitter? If I tick yes, will I be included as a co-author for the abstract? However I will be able to track whether or not it is accepted on behalf of the lead author?

You can select to be a submitter only by ticking the box that says, “Please tick this checkbox to add yourself as a submitter”. This means that you are not included as an author on the submission but can track the submission and can see it on the abstract dashboard. Your name will be listed on the submission as submitter only.

There is a question that asks: In which of the following formats would you like to present your abstract ?* (Up to 3): oral/poster/flash In short, if we only select only the oral presentation, will this automatically disqualify us from the other options?

If you select only the oral presentation, and your abstract does not score high enough, then the abstract will be rejected for the other two types of presentations (flash and poster). We do consider a flash presentation as a type of oral presentation, so strongly suggest selecting both oral and flash options if funding to attend the conference is contingent on having an oral presentation.

How do I know if I successfully submitted my abstract?

Authors are able to track their abstract submission on the Dryfta abstract dashboard ( If your abstract has successfully been submitted, your Submission Status will say “Pending Review”. 


Will there be international travel restrictions?

While we have postponed the ICFP to November 14-17, 2022 to allow time for the wide distribution of a vaccine for COVID-19 throughout all countries from which our delegates will travel, it is too early to predict potential travel restrictions that may be in place. There may be a vaccination record needed for travel. Sign up for email alerts for up-to-the-minute information on conference logistics as they become available, or check back on the logistics tab.

What measures will be taken to ensure my health and safety?

We are planning on implementing a number of measures to ensure the safety of all delegates, depending upon the situation, including but not limited to:

  • Increased number of, and access to, hand-washing/hand-sanitizing stations
  • Promoting personal protective practices – safe physical distancing, frequent hand washing/sanitizing, use of a mask
  • Offering virtual, live-streamed sessions and activities
  • Changing the event program to reduce high-risk activities such as those that require physical contact between participants
  • COVID-19 detection, surveillance, and quarantine facilities
  • Vaccination requirement
Are you expecting the same number of people to attend the rescheduled conference?

Depending on the availability of a vaccination against COVID-19, we may be able to host the same number of delegates or more than we saw at ICFP 2018—around 4,200. However, if a vaccine is not widely available prior to the conference, travel restrictions and/or physical distancing safety measures may require us to limit the number of ICFP attendees. It is our plan to uphold the original mission of the conference—bringing delegates together from across the globe to disseminate knowledge, celebrate successes, network, and identify next steps toward reaching our collective goals.

Are side events and pre-conference events still available?

Even though the conference has been postponed, organizations can still set up a sponsorship and secure a side event and exhibit booth. For more information on sponsorships, please visit

Do you offer registration reimbursement if I change my mind about attending?

Yes, there will be a registration refund schedule put into place once registration has opened. Attendees will also have the opportunity to transfer paid registration to another individual.

Is there a chance the conference will be canceled altogether?

We are continuing to monitor the situation and considering all options to ensure the safety of our delegates. At this time, we are only considering a fully virtual or hybrid in-person/virtual program at the scheduled time of the conference in November 2022.

I already submitted an abstract, but I want to use it for an earlier conference. Who do I contact?

Due to the fact that the conference date is currently scheduled for November 14-17, 2022, the ICFP Scientific Subcommittee recognizes that many authors who have already submitted their abstracts may now wish to present this submission at an earlier conference or change their findings based upon new data collected. Therefore, the ICFP requests that those who have already submitted an abstract should resubmit upon the reopening of the abstract portal. Please contact with any questions or concerns.

When will registration for ICFP 2022 open?

Early Bird Registration for both in-person and virtual registration opens June 1, 2022. More information regarding registration will be available here.

When will the ICFP 2022 abstract submission process open?

Abstract submissions for the 2022 ICFP are now closed. Thank you to all who submitted. Please check the key dates page for next steps.

Why were registration and abstracts delayed?

Due to the postponement of ICFP, the ICFP Secretariat and Core Organizing Group has decided to delay abstract submissions to February 1, 2022 to align with the new conference dates November 14-17, 2022. More information regarding registration is forthcoming. Sign up for email alerts for up-to-the-minute information on conference logistics as they become available, or check back on the logistics tab.

How does this delay affect the timing of other deadlines?

The new key dates & deadline schedule can be found here. Sign up for email alerts for up-to-the-minute information on all ICFP activities.