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Cutting-edge research, advocacy, and programming for family planning & SRHR

Abstract Acceptance/Rejection Notification

Thank you for your submitting your abstract to the 2022 ICFP.  We had another record-breaking number of submissions this year, and are excited about the strong program that we will be able to present to our in-person and virtual conference delegates, from 14 to 17 November 2022.  As well, a very special thanks to all of our Track Organizers and Abstract Reviewers who have worked tirelessly to help the Scientific Subcommittee build an incredible 2022 ICFP scientific program.  

2022 ICFP abstract acceptance and rejection notifications were sent out to all submitters on 1 June 2022 to the email account submitters attached to their Dryfta abstract submission accounts. If you are an abstract submitter who did not receive this email notification by the end-of-day on 1 June 2022, please check your Junk/Spam email folder to ensure it was not sent there.  If so, please note that emails coming from Dryfta are not Junk/Spam. 

You may also check the status of your abstract submission for the 2022 ICFP, by going to your account in the 2022 ICFP abstract submission portal at: https://icfp2022.dryfta.com/abstract-submission.  Please login with the user ID and password that you utilized when you submitted your abstract(s).  When you reach your “My Submissions” page, you will find this status in the “Submission Type” column.

If you have questions about your abstract submission, please email us at abstracts@theicfp.org.

My abstract was accepted to the 2022 ICFP and I need to accept my presentation slot at the conference by the 14 June 2022 deadline, but I am not sure how to do this.

Congratulations on your abstract acceptance to the 2022 ICFP.

If you are the primary author who submitted the abstract, but you didn’t receive an email coming from Info@theicfp.org, please check your Junk/Spam email folder.

If you do not see this email there, please contact abstracts@theicfp.org.  You will need this email to confirm your acceptance or rejection of your presentation slot by 14 June 2022.

If your official acceptance is not received by this date, you will forfeit your presentation slot.

Please complete the following two steps to confirm your acceptance once you receive this email:


  1. Copy and paste this link https://icfp2022.dryfta.com/abstract-submission into your web browser to access the confirmation page in order to indicate your acceptance of the presentation of your accepted abstract at the 2022 ICFP by June 14, 2022, at 12:01 AM EST. (If you do not confirm by this date, you will not be included in the conference program and will forfeit this presentation slot.) Please follow the instructions on the My Abstracts page to confirm or decline your abstract’s acceptance.
  2. Presenters with multiple accepted abstracts will be restricted to presenting no more than two times within the conference program, whether as oral presentation, oral flash presentation, or poster presentation. If you have more than two abstract submissions accepted to the conference, please determine which two you will present and confirm yourself as the presenter when accepting the(se) invitation(s).
  3. For accepted abstracts outside of the two you choose to present, please list another presenter before accepting the invitation(s).
  4. Please do not confirm acceptance of presentation invitations until you have ensured that each presenter listed is able to attend the 2022 ICFP in-person.


Thank you to all who submitted an abstract to the 2022 ICFP and contributed to a record-breaking number of abstracts. We appreciate your submissions and they are currently being reviewed. A special thank you to this year’s abstract reviewers.

Please See the ICFP Key Dates page for next steps.

Every other year since 2009, the International Conference on Family Planning has brought together the family planning community to share best practices, celebrate successes, and chart a course forward.

The International Conference on Family Planning 2022 invites abstracts on cutting-edge research, program, and advocacy results directed at enabling individuals throughout the world, especially in low-income areas, to achieve their contraceptive and reproductive intentions. Abstracts using strong scientific/evaluation methods will be given priority in the review and acceptance process.

Authors may submit each abstract in up to two tracks. Abstracts on cross-cutting topics, such as advocacy, should be submitted to the most relevant track(s). For questions about submitting an abstract, please contact abstracts@theicfp.org.


Review our Scientific Program FAQs here.

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