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Program Implementation & Family Planning

Family Planning High Impact Practices

Family Planning High Impact Practices (HIPs) are a set of evidence-based practices vetted by global experts, and are intended to help programs ensure their resources have maximum impact.  In the face of disruptions to health services, supply chains, and family planning programming, implementers have adapted HIPs to overcome challenges, suit local contexts and norms, and improve their programs. 

Connecting Research, Policy, and Experiences

Sound and effective family planning program implementation relies on connecting theory, evidence, and implementation research with practice and policies. To make this connection, the family planning community will need to continue to amplify the voices of local experts and other stakeholders who can speak to their own experiences, challenges, successes, and opportunities to improve how family planning programs are conceptualized and implemented.

Integrated Programming

Program Implementation at ICFP 2022

The Subcommittee will complement ICFP scientific tracks and create spaces for practitioners to share their experiences—including successes, challenges, and lessons learned—in implementing family planning policies and programs. Our goal is to encourage South-South learning and increase uptake of effective practices.

Planned activities:

  • Take the roundtable topic poll to vote on the FP HIPs you’d like to discuss in February
  • Roundtable discussions on implementation of selected high impact practices at the Not Without FP! Virtual Forum
  • Crowdsourcing implementation topics for discussion in Thailand
At a glance

Program Implementation Subcommittee

The ICFP Program Implementation subcommittee aims to complement other subcommittees and scientific tracks, and highlight experiential learning of diverse groups of stakeholders, such as grassroots organizations, young advocates, faith-based leaders, the private sector, and other implementers.  The Program Implementation subcommittee will highlight the critical linkages between these groups of experts and advocates in strengthening family planning programs and improving equity and access to family planning information and services.

Our vision is that family planning policies and programs are grounded in developed based on sound research, evidence, and the expertise and experience of stakeholders, including young people, grassroots organizations, religious leaders, in the countries and communities where they work.

Our subcommittee is represented by a range of stakeholders from civil society organizations, government, and the private sector, and who bring a wealth of experience to multiple aspects of family planning program implementation.

If you are interested in knowing more about the ICFP Program Implementation Subcommittee, please get in touch.