George William Barigye


George William Barigye, is a Regional Technical Advisor for Anglophone countries under Access Collaborative project at PATH. He has been heavily involved in supporting MoHs and in-country partners to introduce and scale-up DMPA-SC in different countries. He managed PATH’s training and monitoring work for DMPA-SC pilot introduction and scale up. He has worked with MoH and partners in Uganda from the time of pilot introduction up-to-date, where DMPA-SC has been rolled out to the whole country. He has worked with both community health workers and health facility based health workers. He led the 1st self- injection introduction of DMPA-SC outside research setting in Uganda, where self-injection has been approved for scale up in all parts of the country. George is a public health specialist with over 15 years of work experience in public health space and has worked across Human resources for health development, Reproductive, maternal, child and Adolescent health programs to strengthen health services delivery.