Jolly Mukangu


Jolly Mukangu is an SRHR advocate and a Registered Nurse. She is passionate about the empowerment of youth, women and girls, this led her to Start USAWA Reproductive Health Centre and youth friendly services Clinic, which is a youth friendly clinic that serves marginalized populations that is; youth, adolescents and members of the LGBTQ by providing SRHR information and services. She also started a community Based Organization (CBO) called Usawa Reproductive Health Association (URHA) which is a youth led organization that advocates for SRHR awareness, to the marginalized populations mentioned above.

Jolly has 7 years experience in SRHR advocacy mostly on matters safe abortion, post abortion care and Family planning awareness and service provision. She has been trained and absorbed as IPAS youth advocate and VCAT TOT among other youths selected in Africa. She has worked for Reproductive and Maternal Health Consortium Kenya (RMHCK) where she was the Programs Manager for 7 yrs and worked closely with the Kenyan Ministry of Health on Post Abortion Care (PAC) advocacy and development of PAC training package.

Currently she is a consultant to MOH Division of Family health in rolling out PAC in all government facilities to enable women access PAC services, to prevent maternal morbidity and mortality due to unsafe abortion which is part of Big 5 causes of maternal death in Kenya. Jolly is also an entrepreneur who believes that the youth can make a change and make the world a better place. Her mantra is ‘ now or never’