Laura Ramos Tomás

Sexuality Educator & Instructional Designer, TabuTabu

Laura Ramos Tomás (she/her) is a sexuality educator and instructional designer who applies her background in design and her experience in non-formal education to encourage people of all walks of life to break the taboos around human sexuality.

Her work in sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) began when she volunteered in rural Honduras, where she was first exposed to the intersection of poverty, lack of access to quality education, gender-based violence, and sexual abuse. Intent on further understanding the interplay between these dynamics, she has spent 5 years and counting working with survivors of trafficking, sex workers, youth and young mothers living in social vulnerability across Latin America. In parallel, Laura completed the University of Michigan’s Sexual Health Certificate Program.

These experiences led Laura to start TabuTabu, an organization working to co-create contextually-relevant sexuality education programs with and for underserved communities in Latin America that tackle their most pressing SRHR learning needs. To ensure the sustainability of TabuTabu’s work in underserved communities, the organization will be launching online educational programs and tools to dismantle the taboos around sexuality, sexual health, and pleasure, so that people of all walks of life can engage in healthy and respectful relationships with themselves and each other, and can contribute to more empathizing and thriving communities.