Yidnekachew Mogessie

MPH-MBA candidate, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Yidnekachew is a vibrant health care leader and advisor with a track record of leading youth and advocating for youth health issues at multiple levels: from the United Nations, Federal Ministry of Health, Donor agency, and the civil society. He is currently the Youth Focal Point for Ethiopia at the United Nations Foundation; the Youth programming consultant at the Adolescence and Youth Health (AYH) Technical working group at the Federal Ministry of Health; the Youth Advisory Board member of the Royal Danish Embassy and International Youth Sounding Board at the Ministry for development cooperation at the government of Denmark; the Country Coordinator for the International Youth Alliance on Family Planning in Ethiopia; and the Amref Health Africa youth advisory Parliament member.

Dr. Yidnekachew has trained over 20,000 youth on several Global Health topics covering issues affecting them using the HCD approach. He has been recognized for his leadership and contribution to youth issues by a number of local and international organizations such as Packard Foundation and Women Deliver. He is one of 12 global recipients of the 2019 Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and its Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) award for students who have made outstanding contributions to youth, community health, and wellbeing. Dr. Yidnekachew is currently a Sommer scholar pursuing his MBA-MPH at Johns Hopkins University.