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Youth & Family Planning

There are over 1.8 billion young people in the world today, of which 90 percent live in developing countries and face enormous challenges to having a healthy and productive life. All facets of a young person’s life are directly and indirectly affected by the inaccessibility of high-quality family planning and comprehensive reproductive health services and commodities. From being denied autonomy and fundamental rights, to their abilities to pursue education, employment, and health and wellbeing, young people are continuously amongst the most marginalized. A myriad of environmental, cultural, structural and systemic issues are at the root of the lack of access and quality of health services available to youth, each of which hinges on the fact that youth are not adequately represented in decision-making bodies in family planning, sexual and reproductive health programs and services, commodities, and forms of delivery do not reflect their intersectional needs, rights, and the information and resources they require to make informed decisions about their health. Furthermore, youth leadership is not promoted widely within the family planning field, and this results in youth often receiving healthcare, training, and information that is not only stigma ridden, but also not comprehensive, of low and inconsistent quality, and delivered using outdated modes of communication. To address these problems and ensure a future where universal access to voluntary high-quality family planning and reproductive health care and services and information is available for all, youth MUST be engaged and included in AYSRH program and solution design and development processes, advocacy efforts, decision-making, and leadership.

ICFP Youth Pre-conference

The Youth Pre-conference is a space for youth to convene, network, and gain the resources necessary to continue their programmatic work, advocacy and research in their respective communities.

This upcoming ICFP, we are excited to offer our ICFP delegates under 30 years of age a  2.5 day- youth pre-conference.

Opening Summer 2022

Pre-conference Registration

For the 2022 ICFP we expect the largest-ever numbers of young people to be in attendance. This is extremely exciting, but it also means that unfortunately we cannot accommodate everyone who is interested in attending the Youth Pre-conference.

Due to the overwhelming interest in the Youth Pre-conference, we must cap attendance to ensure a high-quality experience for all attendees.

Fully Integrated Programming

Youth at ICFP 2022

In lead up and during ICFP 2022, the Youth Steering Committee will be designing and implementing different activities to engage young people. This includes: 

  • Hosting a 2.5 day Youth Pre-conference
  • Leading the Youth Plenary
  • Developing and coordinating the programming in the youth zone
  • Working with youth from across the globe to submit youth abstracts and panels
  • Organizing the 2022 mentorship program

Stay tuned as we add more activities and details to this list!

At a glance

ICFP Advocacy & Accountability Subcommittee

The ICFP Youth-Subcommittee (YSC) was formed in 2013 out of the need to develop a youth program and youth centered strategies for meaningfully engaging adolescents and young people across each ICFP, and ensure that youth participants are actively participating and getting the most out of their conference experience. Out of this need, the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning (IYAFP) was born. IYAFP played a major role during the 2016 & 2018 ICFP and is proudly co-leading all youth-focused engagement and activities at this 2022 ICFP.

The Youth Subcommittee is convened, facilitated and co-chaired by the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health and engages partners across the world working with youth or in the field of Adolescent Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Our vision is that by 2030, no young person will be left behind, and no future generations will face inequity in access to SRH, and that all countries’ universal health coverage packages are inclusive of youth-friendly family planning and sexual and reproductive health products and services.

Although we have a long way to go, we believe that convening youth from around the globe is critical to achieving these goals. By providing a space in which diverse young voices are heard, we can best determine strategies that are sustainable, inclusive, culturally competent and representative of the SRH landscape at the global level.

The Youth Steering Committee is committed to creating opportunities within the ICFP for meaningful youth engagement, cross-generational learning and networking, capacity building, and highlighting youth work and voices from across the globe.

Current membership includes IYAFP executive leadership, 120 Under 40 Family Planning Champions, FP2020, USAID, PSI, Packard, BMGF, and many respected iNGOs active in the broader SRH landscape. 

Previous youth-subcommittee members included a roster of leaders within the family planning community, session facilitators, youth delegates, donors and partners and other technical experts.

If you are interested in knowing more about the ICFP Youth Subcommittee, please get in touch.