How to Access ICFP2022 Virtual Programming

Nov 15, 2022

Registered #ICFP2022 attendees can access the 2022 ICFP virtual program by following the steps below: 

For the first time ever, ICFP is hybrid!

We’re live streaming special events, plenaries, and 50% of our scientific sessions for in-person and virtual attendees to access. 

Please note, not all sessions at ICFP2022 are live streamed and recorded.


How to Access Virtual #ICFP2022 Programming:

1.) Registered ICFP2022 attendees can access virtual programming by logging into the ICFP conference portal (the same portal where you registered for ICFP2022) at Your login credentials are the same credentials you created upon registering.

2.) Once logged in, navigate to the “Program Schedule” tab at the top of the website.

3.) At the top of the page, click the button that says, “More Filters.

4.) Locate and click the field that says, “Search by Format

5.) In the “Search by Format” dropdown list, select, “Hybrid(e)

6. ) All live streamed sessions should then appear.

7.) You can further search by keywords, speakers/moderators, days, and times to navigate the program and find the live-streamed sessions you want to watch.

8.) Click on a session title to visit the session page and access the live stream. Live-streamed sessions will have embedded YouTube video streams on their session page. If the session has not yet happened, there will be a message on the video embed indicating when the steam will go live. Visit the session page at the session time to watch the stream right on the page. Click the red “play” button on the video to watch. 

9.) Once a session has ended, a recording of the live stream will be available to watch in the same embedded videos on each individual session page. Click the red “play” button on the video to watch. 

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