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IntraHealth International featuring our Civil Society for Family Planning (CS4FP) Plus project and Youth Ambassadors for Sexual and Reproductive Health Network


Conducted in French – Tune in for a lively discussion with young family planning advocates from Guinea and Niger on the do’s and don’ts of introducing comprehensive sexual education in West Africa. Young people need comprehensive information on sexual and reproductive health, but introducing curricula into schools and communities can be challenging.

IntraHealth International’s Civil Society for Family Planning Plus project, active in nine francophone West African countries, supports over 100 young family planning advocates. Known as youth ambassadors, they educate their peers on healthy sexual and reproductive health behaviors and advocate to their governments to make their priorities heard and increase young people’s access to information and services. They’ve also been key to facilitating the introduction of comprehensive sexual education curricula in secondary schools and assuring out-of-school youth have access to this information.

Panelists will discuss how they’ve worked within their communities to help introduce the curricula, their perspectives on the topic, and their ideas on how best to reach out-of-school youth with some of the same important information. They will also answer additional questions sourced via social media prior and/or during the event. The Director of the Civil Society for Family Planning Plus project will moderate the discussion. This session will be conducted in French.


Dr. Diallo, Project Director of CS4FP Plus
Dr. Diallo brings significant experience in public health, civil society engagement, and public-private partnership. As the Project Director of CS4FP Plus, he oversees project implementation and coordinates capacity building and technical support to civil society coalitions and Youth Ambassadors.

Ms. Guilavogui, treasurer of the Guinea Youth Ambassador network
Ms. Guilavogui is the treasurer of the Guinea Youth Ambassador network. She leads education and advocacy initiatives in her country, including an annual Valentine’s Day without Unwanted Pregnancy campaign targeting youth and adolescents.

Ms. Gado, Niger Youth Ambassador network
Ms. Gado is the president of the Niger Youth Ambassador network. She is active on social media, ensuring her peers have access to accurate FP/RH information, and advocates to her national government to increase funding for youth-friendly initiatives.

15 November, 2018
10:00 (20′)

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