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Hosted by

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation


While there has been a lot of progress towards increasing access to sexual and reproductive health services for girls and women, not all of this has led to an improvement in quality of care. To realize a future where every girl and woman gets the health care she requires, we need bold and innovative ideas to elevate the voices of the next generation of leaders. With this in mind, we will host “Real Talk on Rights” – an engaging and interactive talk-show style Q&A that brings together young innovators and current leaders in the field to explore the right to quality sexual and reproductive health care. Designed to spark conversation and inspire new audiences, this fast moving discussion will be moderated by a the Packard Foundation’s Emily Bosworth and feature representatives from past Packard Foundation Quality Innovation Challenge (QIC) finalists.

Rebecca Hope and Mireille Umutoni of YLabs will share the inspiring journey of their project – Cybergirl Rwanda, a youth-led after-school program teaching girls digital design skills and providing quality sexual and reproductive health education and resources. Kavita Ayyagari from Pathfinder International will discuss ShaadiPhoto – meaning “wedding photos” in Hindi – a project designed to improve access to and availability of quality youth friendly contraceptive counselling and methods in New Delhi, India.

We aim to drive a discussion about definitions of quality in the 21st century and the challenges of trailblazing new paths, alongside personal stories of advocates as well as their advice for other leaders. We hope that the conversation generate a discussion about how to ensure girls and women have the knowledge, choices, and power to become champions for everyone’s right to a safer and healthier future.


As an innovator in the SRH space, Rebecca Hope offers a unique perspective on the importance of exploring brave new approaches to how SRH services and education are delivered. As a founder of YLabs, Rebecca Hope is a doctor and design thinker catalyzing change for young people, with young people.

Mireille Umutoni is a youth designer and youth champion from Rwanda. She uses her voice to educate fellow youth about their SRH rights and will offers real insights into how new ideas are translated into effective programming on the ground.

Kavita Ayyagari brings over 18 years of rich experience in the field of Public Health advocacy, communications and program management, and is a Project Director for Pathfinder International.

Emily Bosworth is a Communications Officer at the Packard Foundation and will serve as the moderator for this exciting and informative discussion.

14 November, 2018
17:00 (20′)

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