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People, partners, and programs: bending the curve for fp2020 progress / Personnes, partenaires et programmes : Faire fléchir la courbe pour le progrès de FP2020

Over the past six years, FP2020 has been a collaborative partnership where governments, donors, civil society, advocates, multilateral institutions, the private sector, faith leaders and others have worked together to empower millions more women and girls to access modern, rights-based family planning. Now, with 2020 in sight, the partnership is evolving: identifying shared goals and aligning institutional energies, leveraging the benefits that emerge when we pool our strengths.

This plenary, moderated by Beth Schlachter, Executive Director of Family Planning 2020 (FP2020), will feature FP2020 Reference Group members and other partners who will highlight promising interventions and approaches, and look ahead to where the sector will go.  We will view rights-based family planning (RBFP) interventions and approaches through the eyes of individual women and girls alongside country leaders, programs, and commitment-makers. The first part of the plenary will bring these rights-based programs to life, with interventions from Burkina Faso Minister of Health Dr. Nicolas Meda, Mr. Quazi A.K.M. Mohiul Islam, Bangladesh Additional Secretary for Population, Family Welfare, and Law, youth leaders Manasa Vasudevan and Dr. Andrew Millan, and Halima Shariff, Director of Advance Family Planning, Tanzania.

The second half of the plenary will bring together leaders from across the global health system through the lens of Universal Health Coverage and highlight the importance of family planning in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.  The discussion will focus on important concepts spanning innovation, integration, and investments for rights-based family planning.  The plenary will close with respondent Minister of Health Dr. Isaac Adewole from Nigeria, who will share his perspectives on the impact of these approaches and interventions for one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

Session chair

Beth Schlachter, Executive Director, Family Planning 2020

15 November, 2018
08:30 (1h 30′)