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Rwanda community-based provision program of family planning services by community health workers: overcoming barriers to access / Programme de distribution à base communautaire du Rwanda des services de planification familiale par les agents de santé communautaire : Surmonter les barrières de l’accès.

This session aims at sharing the process and implementation aspects of Community Based Provision program for Family Planning, the role of stakeholders in the implementation of community-based family planning services, the community based family planning package, training of service providers, service provision and data collection tools. The session will also further describe the supply chain of FP products in the community and monitoring of the program for knowledge management.

This session will be an opportunity to hear directly from community health workers their experience regarding the training and validation process, implementation , challenges and the way forward of the community distribution program . This will give a room to other countries willing to initiate the program to learn from the best practices from Rwanda.

Session chair

Catherine Mugeni, Maternal, Child, and Community Health (MCCH) Unit, Rwanda Biomedical Center

13 November, 2018
11:55 (1h 20′)