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The changing landscape of philanthropy: implications for the development community / Évolution de l’environnement de la philanthropie : Implications pour la communauté du développement

Background:  The London Summit for Family Planning in 2012 secured impressive financial commitments from governments and funders alike to reignite global support for family planning. Yet 2016 marked the second year in a row that global spending for family planning declined among traditional donor governments, who have provided the majority of external aid dollars historically. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, eighty percent of donor government funding in 2016 came from only three countries: the USA, UK, and the Netherlands. At the same time, the landscape for international funding for family planning is shifting as private sources and new partnerships have emerged and are generating important changes in the way global health and family planning operates. What does this mean for family planning? How can our field engage with these emerging private sources and approach new ways of mobilizing funds for family planning? The discussion will center around emerging trends and strategic investments with private funding sources that will include high net worth individuals, family foundations and philanthropic networks.


  1. Examine emerging trends and opportunities in a changing funding landscape for global health and outline implications for reproductive, maternal and neonatal health program support
  2. Discuss examples of novel funding partnerships to draw lessons from engaging with new actors and mechanisms
  3. Articulate different approaches to strategically engage new players in the changing landscape


  • Amanda Glassman, Chief Operating Officer, Center for Global Development
  • Ann Morris, Maverick Collective Member
  • Carol Lawson, Chief Executive Officer, Packard Foundation
  • David Zuellig, Trustee, Zuellig Family Foundation
  • Natalie Revelle, Deputy Director, Strategic Investment Fund, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Session chair

Kojo Lokko, Deputy Director, TCI, Gates Institute, Johns Hopkims University

13 November, 2018
14:35 (1h 20′)