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Concept Foundation


Concept Foundation has been facilitating access to contraception and abortion services in low-income settings for the past three decades. Our work has been transformational in the sexual and reproductive health field by expanding the method mix of modern contraceptive methods and increasing access to abortion services available to women and girls in low-and middle-income countries that are safe, effective and affordable.
Concept Foundation envisions a world where all people have access to quality-assured sexual and reproductive health medicines and technologies.



Cost Modeling for Safe Medical Abortion Treatment

A fundamental barrier limiting procurement of and access to family planning services and medicines in low-resource settings is affordability. Concept Foundation has developed a cost of goods sold (COGs) model which identifies the key price components of the combi-pack.

Self-Care: Regulatory Standards and Processes of Sexual and Reproductive Health Products

Concept Foundation has been conducting research at the country level on the regulatory situation and availability of self-care products, with a focus on contraception, emergency contraception and selected fertility products. A 3-month pilot project was completed in 2020 focusing on five countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon and Tunisia). A continuation of this project is now underway in a further 25 countries across the remaining WHO regions.


Concept Foundation is Supporting Access to Safe Medical Abortion in Argentina

In 2020 Concept Foundation has been working closely with Centro de Estudio de Estado y Sociedad (CEDES) a national NGO in Argentina supporting the Ministry of Health (MoH) in the establishment and implementation of abortion services in Argentina. In parallel Concept Foundation has been engaging with the pharmaceutical industry providing technical assistance to support quality assured manufacturing of medical abortion medicines.

Mifepristone for Emergency Contraception: Case for Recommendation in Practice Guidelines

One in four pregnancies is unintented and threatens the lives and well-being of women and adolescents globally. The risks of unintended pregnancy are greatest in low- and middle-income countries where maternal mortality rates are highest. Emergency contraception is an effective and essential intervention to prevent unintended pregnacies, however barriers at the user, provider and system levels exist.

Our Impact on Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Medicines and Technologies

Concept Foundation has led and contributed the manufacture and introduction of essential family planning products including injectable and oral contraceptives and the medical abortion combi-pack. Read more about our impact on expanding access to safe, effective and affordable family planning products in low and middle-income settings.