Broadcasting from
the ICFP LIVE Stage

Broadcasting from
the ICFP LIVE Stage

The Wrap : ICFP Pre-conferences

Air date: 14 November at 14:15 (GMT+7)

This episode of The Wrap hosted by FPNN community Nthanda Manduwi features ICFP pre-conference co-chairs as they discuss key highlights and take-aways from the #ICFP2022 pre-conferences.


Goodness Ogeyi Odey (ICFP Power Shifting Subcommittee, International Youth Alliance for Family Planning )

Nandita Thatte (ICFP Program Implementation Subcommittee, WHO)

Aisha Salihu Waziri (ICFP Youth Subcommittee)


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ICFP LIVE is an initiative designed to create an on-site and virtual experience for an estimated 50,000+ community members from around the globe. Located in the ICFP2022 Exhibition Hall, the LIVE stage features short, partner-driven sessions that can be viewed by conference attendees regardless if they are in Pattaya City or participating virtually.
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