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FP Community Content

Treasure Your Pleasure & The Pleasure Principles

Talking about pleasure, desire and good sex is the content that young people repeatedly call for. Earlier this year a systematic review with WHO and The Pleasure Project showed that sexual health programs that include sexual desire and sexual pleasure improve knowledge and attitudes around sex and increase condom use, as compared to those that do not. Pleasure-inclusive sexual health increases sexual self-esteem, sexual self-confidence, and safe choices.

In this ICFP LIVE Stage session, we will show how International Planned Parenthood Federation Africa Region and The Pleasure Project are putting this evidence into practice with the ‘Treasure Your Pleasure Campaign’. This pleasure-focused online campaign aims to bring more young people to reproductive health services through a fun, honest and real conversation about what they want (rather than what they should avoid). We will showcase the carefully designed digital content – which includes videos, commissioned specialist content from African social media influencers and curated youth led content. It has been a great success and we are currently analysing the link to health service usage.

We will bring the best of this trailblazing digital content showing us that consent is sexy. Hear more about why you should love yourself and honor your pleasure. We will take the audience on their path to pleasure with a fun interactive journey through the Treasure Your Pleasure Campaign, and a chance to take the Treasure Your Pleasure Quiz.


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