Top Pattaya City Mayoral Candidate Commends ICFP 2022’s Impact on the City

May 4, 2022

Originally posted by Naew Na Newspaper

On April 28, 2022, Mr. Poramate Ngampichet, the No. 1 candidate for Pattaya City Mayor from the Rak Pattaya team, revealed that Pattaya City is now highly trusted by tourists, businessmen, and important organizations around the world, many of which have organized meetings, seminars, and business negotiations there.

Mr. Poramate is confident that the ICFP meeting, which is supported and cooperated by various parties both domestically and internationally, especially The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, will help boost Pattaya’s economy at all levels. Whether it is hotels, resorts, restaurants, transport providers, etc., people will continue to travel to stay in Pattaya. It will help awaken and recover the economy of Pattaya, while generating income for the community.

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