Official Announcement of the #ICFP2022 Theme

Feb 10, 2020

The Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health is proud to partner with Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health for the sixth International Conference on Family Planning, and delighted to announce the official theme of next year’s conference as we celebrate the one year countdown to #ICFP2022!

This year’s theme, “Family Planning & Universal Health Coverage: Innovate. Collaborate. Accelerate.” underscores our belief that family planning should be a core component of universal health coverage. Not only is access to family planning and reproductive health services a pillar of good personal health, it is also a critical component of a country’s economic health.

As the larger family planning community looks “beyond 2020” to realign our goals and reposition for the future of family planning, Thailand’s family planning and reproductive health programs represent what is possible when government, public health groups, and civil society organizations work in tandem on health, rights, and poverty issues.

Will the world abort women’s rights after death of Roe v Wade?

Will the world abort women’s rights after death of Roe v Wade?

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