REVISED ICFP2022 Shuttle Schedule Out Now

Nov 10, 2022

Updated as of 10 November 2022:

The hotels that are confirmed as official conference hotels are also those for which transportation will be provided to and from Suvarnabhumi Airport – Bangkok (BKK) as well as to and from the Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH). There will not be transportation service to or from any other airport other than BKK.

Please note that advance registration for the shuttle is NOT required and reservations are NOT available. Shuttles will leave at least once an hour from BKK to Pattaya.

Note: Attendees who book their stay elsewhere must access transportation on their own, or travel to one of the designated ICFP hotels to travel in the provided conference transportation.

View the International Arrival Process for those planning to use the Airport (BKK) shuttle below:


Look out for & follow the below signage at the BKK Airport: 

Complimentary Airport Shuttle Schedule:

Complimentary Conference Shuttle:

Shuttle Routes

There will be three shuttle routes:

Blue Route (#1), Yellow Route (#2), and Green Route (#3)

Routes remain the same each day.
Hotels are listed in order of pickup.

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