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The work continues during COVID-19

The Challenge Initiative (TCI) is leading the way in the response to COVID-19 and reproductive health. Here are five stories that highlight the innovative and creative work being done to ensure this important work doesn’t stop.

Continuing to Provide Family Planning and AYSRH Services During COVID-19

TCI’s work continues during the COVID-19 pandemic, although much of it is taking place virtually.

Ogun State Youth Ambassador Takes to YouTube During COVID-19 to Share Reproductive Health Advice

A youth ambassador from Ogun State, Nigeria, uses the COVID-19 lockdown to share helpful reproductive health advice.

Amid COVID-19, TCI Coaches in Francophone West Africa Continue to Strengthen Frontline Health Workers’ Capacity

The Challenge Initiative coaches in Francophone West Africa adapt and demonstrate resilience as they continue to strengthen frontline health workers’ capacity amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reaching East Africa Communities to Deliver Family Planning Services Amid COVID-19

Check out what TCI’s East Africa team is doing to keep COVID-19 from interrupting family planning services.

Empowering India’s Frontline Health Workers with COVID-19 Prevention Messages

The Challenge Initiative Healthy Cities in India provided ASHAs with helpful COVID-19 prevention messages to keep them safe during field work.