ICFP Community Action Alert on Universal Health Coverage

Sep 23, 2020

The ICFP 2021 theme spotlights the undeniable link between family planning (FP) systems, services, and products, and Universal Health Coverage (UHC). We are making a call to the ICFP Community to contribute to the evidence and justification of why family planning should be considered an essential building block to any Universal Health Coverage approach.

We believe that any approach to Universal Health Coverage cannot be truly successful without a comprehensive integration of FP services.

1. Help build our ICFP 2021 Theme Resource Page

ICFP has launched a new partner-driven section that will collect the community’s expertise and insights on the link between FP & UHC into three sections including explainer content, local expertise and advocacy approaches, and a collective toolkit.

We are looking for published content to populate the page and contribute to the story. We are open to videos, blogs, resources, and toolkits. View the Community Action Alert and click the ‘contribute content’ button to submit.

2. Help shape ICFP’s new content series, “Not Without FP

We are excited to launch a new ICFP 2021 content series titled, “Not without FP.” This series will feature voices from throughout the ICFP community on the undeniable link between family planning and UHC.

This series is partner and community driven. To that end, we are asking for ideas and author recommendations to include in this new series though November 2021.

View the full community action alert.

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