Broadcasting Live from Pattaya City, Thailand at ICFP2022


Broadcasting Live from Pattaya City, Thailand at ICFP2022

Challenging pronatalism is key to advancing reproductive liberation and planetary health

16 November 2022 | 17:30 (GMT+7)

Pronatalism—a set of socio-cultural, ethno-political, religious, and patriarchal pressures that encourage, promote, or coerce reproduction—remains largely absent from our ‘family planning’ discourse.


Nandita Bajaj
Executive Director, Population Balance

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Amplifying the voices of people in crisis settings, through a photojournalist’s lens
Green Clinics—Responding to Family Planning Needs During the Climate Crisis
Emergency Contraception 101
How proud I Am To Be The Change
120 Under 40: The New Generation of Family Planning Leaders
Do 50 million Black women and girls’ lives matter?
Testicle Festival: FAQs on vasectomies and building successful vasectomy programs
TRANSGENDER: The Expelled Gender from the National Family Planning Programs
The Wrap with Positive Disruptors
Fathers breaking SRHR barriers – CMTY-02
Tackling Taboos: Talking about the most commonly avoided Sexuality and SRHR topics
Advocacy through Art: Visualizing Her Promise, Our Purpose
Co-created solutions for gender inequality in youth partnership in the AYSRHR field
Progress and Rollbacks: US restrictions on abortion rights in a global context
Go Nisha Go: A fun and innovative one stop shop for adolescent girls to access SRH products and services
The Bodily Autonomy Community in Asia:  A pillar of power for achieving SRHR & UHC
Perspective on the Power of Partnerships: A Talk Between UNFPA & Bayer
Sex education in the 21st century – what needs to change?
ICFP2022 Closing Ceremony: Making Our Mark
Urgence d’investir dans la PF en contexte de crises humanitaires : maintenons le financement
It’s TIME (Transforming INGO Models for Equity) to shift power in global SRHR programs