ICFP2022 Visa Application Pre-Approval Process

Sep 26, 2022

See Important Information Regarding the ICFP2022 Visa Application Pre-approval Process:


The special visa application pre-approval screening process deadline of 15 September 2022 has passed.

If you did not register or upload your passport information by this deadline, we recommend that you reach out to your closest/designated Thai Embassy or Consulate to begin the Thai visa application process as soon as possible.

Each Thai Embassy and Consulate across the globe has been informed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Department of Consular Affairs that the 2022 International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP2022) is an official MICE event, which allows all ICFP2022 delegates to apply for a Tourist (TR) visa. 


If you need a visa to enter Thailand, registered for the ICFP2022, and uploaded your biometric passport page to the registration site by September 15, your information was submitted to Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ (MoFA) Department of Consular Affairs (DoCA) through the Ministry of Public Health for this special visa application pre-screening process.  

The MoFA has verified that all names submitted by the ICFP Secretariat have been received and are currently being screened in the order in which they were received. The ICFP Secretariat has been notified by the Ministry of Public Health that it will take up to four (4) weeks from the date of receipt for the DoCA to submit the pre-screening results to all Thai embassies and consulates globally.

The 2022 ICFP Secretariat has been informed through the National Steering Committee (NSC) that the first batch of pre-approved names will be released the week of 3 October 2022.

The DoCA is currently working to increase the speed at which the pre-approval process is taking place.  As well, the ICFP 2022 Secretariat has requested that the names of those approved/denied can be immediately released instead of holding a large number of names to release together in order to provide as much time as possible for each individual to move through the visa application process. We are awaiting a response regarding the DoCA anticipated release schedule/pace.  

Next steps

If you did not register and upload your passport information by the 15 September 2022 deadline, we recommend that you determine if you need a visa, by checking here.

If you need a visa, it is recommended that you begin the visa application process immediately by contacting your closest/designated Thai consulate. 

If you did submit your materials in time to be included in the screening process outlined above, please have all necessary application materials to apply for a tourist (TR) visa completed and ready, in order for you to immediately begin the visa application process, once you have been alerted that you have been pre-approved.  

You may find the list of materials necessary for a complete submission for a Thai tourist visa on your Thai Consulate/Embassy’s website, or by inquiring when you call/contact the appropriate consulate/embassy to set your visa appointment. These could include:

  • Visa application photo(s) – multiple copies may be needed.
  • Letter of invitation to the 2022 ICFP from conference co-hosts Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health and the 2022 ICFP Secretariat (which may be downloaded from your 2022 ICFP account page after completion of registration)
  • Sponsored traveler letters (if another entity is supporting your travel and participation costs)
  • Flight confirmation
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Bank statement
  • Police report

Global pre-approval list:

Once the Thai Department of Consular Affairs has pre-approved an individual to apply for their Thai tourist visa, they will place their name on a list that will be accessible to all Thai Consulates and Embassies around the globe.

It has been communicated to the ICFP Secretariat that if a name is placed on the pre-approved list, this person may go to any Thai Consulate or Embassy in the world that grants visas in order to apply for their Thai tourist visa to attend the ICFP2022.

Email notifications:

As the 2022 ICFP Secretariat receives the results from the DoCA’s screening process, they will immediately send these delegates an email notification (via the email with which they registered for the ICFP) regarding their status. 

Once alerted of pre-approved status:

Each pre-approved delegate should immediately reach out to the Thai Consulate/Embassy of their choice to officially apply for their Thai tourist visa, alerting the consulate that they are on the DoCA’s pre-approval list.

Any pre-approved delegates that previously required an in-person appointment for the Thai visa process should contact their designated Thai Consulate/Embassy to inquire about submitting the required documentation via an alternative method.

It has been communicated by the DoCA to the 2022 ICFP Secretariat that it is up to the discretion of each Thai Consulate/Embassy as to whether they will require these pre-approved individuals to apply in-person at the Thai Consulate/Embassy, or if they will allow them to have a virtual interview and submit their visa information and documents to them via email. As well, this pre-approval process is not a guarantee that they will receive approval for a visa.

Please note:

Ultimately, the use of alternative methods to submit your visa application, as well as the approval of that application, is up to the discretion of each individual embassy or consulate.

We have been informed that with the increase of new systems being put into place during the COVID-19 pandemic and the increase in remote interviews and document submission, it is less likely that pre-approved ICFP delegates will be required to travel to an embassy or consulate, if they would ordinarily be required to do so.


ICFP2022 will continue to make announcements regarding the visa process, and other important logistics information, through the ICFP2022 website, newsletter, and social media channels.

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