New Thailand Visa Update for ICFP2022

Oct 21, 2022

*If you (or someone you are sponsoring) require a visa to travel to Thailand, please read this message in its entirety.


  • ICFP2022 has been designated by the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau as a Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) event. This designation allows all of our delegates to travel to Thailand under a Tourist MICE Visa (TR-MICE).
  • View the visa overview page here.
  • An overview of visa and vaccination requirements* organized by country for travel to Thailand can be found here.

Update on the ICFP2022 Visa Application Pre-Approval Process


The 2022 ICFP International Steering Committee (ISC) Secretariat continues to be in close communication with Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and Department of Consular Affairs (DoCA) stressing the importance of the immediate release of all remaining names on the visa application pre-approval list submitted for pre-approval by the 15 September 2022 deadline.

Thailand’s DoCA has communicated to the ICFP ISC Secretariat that they acknowledge the original pre-approval decision release date that they set forth of 15 October (no more than 4 weeks after receipt of names for pre-approval) has now passed. The DoCA communicated to the ISC on 14 October that the majority of remaining names would be released by 20 October. As of the morning of 21 October, this release has been pushed to the week of 24 October 2022.

As previously stated, the ICFP ISC acknowledges that we are less than one month out from ICFP2022 in Pattaya City, Thailand from 14-17 November 2022, and there are a number of delegates who still need to obtain their visa to attend this momentous event.

Since the window of time is closing to ensure that all who wish to travel to the ICFP receive their visas, the ICFP ISC is recommending all delegates who took part in the visa application pre-approval process and are still awaiting their status email BEGIN THE STANDARD PROCESS TO OBTAIN A VISA OUTSIDE OF THE VISA APPLICATION PRE-APPROVAL PROCESS PUT IN PLACE BY THE DOCA. 

ICFP has been advised by the MoPH that very few names remaining on the pre-approval list are expected to be denied. They have also communicated that the visa application process for those who are placed on the pre-approval list will be incredibly quick and smooth once pre-approval has been granted. They continue to ask for ICFP delegates’ patience as they finalize this process and have expressed their sincere eagerness to welcome all ICFP delegates to Thailand.  

We assure you that we are continuing to do everything in our power to move this process forward to ensure that all ICFP delegates can proceed with obtaining a visa if necessary to attend ICFP2022. Please continue to send us feedback regarding any issues you have securing your visa or advice for other ICFP delegates navigating the process. Look out for continuous updates from ICFP via email, the website, and official ICFP social media channels. We are greatly looking forward to welcoming you to ICFP2022.


At this time, the next steps for

1. those who have been granted pre-approval from DoCA

2. those who were not granted pre-approval from DoCA

3. and those not included in the visa application pre-approval process

remain the same as described in our last update, which are the following:


Next Steps for Those Who Have Been Granted Pre-approval from DoCA

  • If you need a visa to enter Thailand, registered for ICFP2022, and uploaded your biometric passport page to the registration site by 15 September 2022, your information was submitted to Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Ministry of Public Health for a visa application pre-approval process. We are contacting those who have been granted pre-approval, via an email from, as soon as we receive that information from the Thai government.
  • Thailand’s Department of Consular Affairs has stated that they have completed the release of the initial list of the ICFP2022 delegates who have been approved under this visa application pre-approval process to all Thai embassies and consulates worldwide and have informed them of the special handling of these individuals’ visa applications.
  • The Department of Consular Affairs has assured the ICFP Secretariat that everyone on the pre-approved list may garner their visa from any Thai consulate or embassy across the globe that is authorized to grant visas to enter Thailand.
  • Each pre-approved delegate will receive an email from ICFP within no more than 24 hours of official receipt from Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health with details about next steps to finalize their visa application process with the embassy or consulate of their choice.



Next Steps for Those Who Were Not Granted Pre-Approval from DoCA

  • Those who are not granted pre-approval by the DoCA to garner a visa will receive an email from ICFP, which will include several options for participation in and presentation at ICFP.
  • Unfortunately, the ICFP Secretariat will not receive the specific justification for the refusal to grant individual delegates pre-approval and will not be able to provide you with such information. However, the decision to grant any ICFP delegate a Tourist (TR) MICE Visa ultimately rests with the individual Thai embassies and consulates.
  • If you do not receive this pre-approval from DoCA, you are still permitted to apply directly to the embassy under which your country’s jurisdiction falls to obtain your Thai visa for ICFP2022. However, ICFP has been informed by the DoCA that the likelihood of acceptance of your visa application will be low.


Next Steps for Those Not Included in the Visa Application Pre-Approval Process

  • If you did not participate in the ICFP2022 visa application pre-approval process (by registering and uploading your biometric information passport page by the 15 September 2022 deadline), we recommend that you reach out to your designated Thai Embassy or Consulate to begin the Thai visa application process immediately.  We have been hearing that turn-around times for those who have gone through the regular visa application process in many countries have seen their visas granted much more quickly than expected, and many embassies/consulates allow for visa applicants to mail their materials in via DHL.  You must contact your embassy/consulate to confirm what the procedure is for your specific situation and location.



More Information

We realize this process has taken longer than we had hoped and as was originally outlined. While we still encourage all delegates to proceed with the above next steps, we want to also ensure that everyone in the community has the understanding that they may choose to move forward with obtaining a visa on their own, even if they are a part of this special visa application pre-approval process. This process has been meant to alleviate the time and effort of our delegates in obtaining a visa, but all individuals still have the ability to go through the typical steps for getting a visa to enter Thailand. As a reminder, ICFP is a dedicated MICE event, which should allow for those registered to attend ICFP in person to request a Tourist Visa (TR) to attend ICFP. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to use the information we have provided when deciding the best way forward for themselves personally.


Recent communications from ICFP on visas:

*While Thailand is no longer requiring COVID-19 vaccination to enter the country, the ICFP Secretariat is still requiring full vaccination against COVID-19 as a requirement to attend the conference in person.

If you are eligible for visa-on-arrival (check visa requirements by country here), the government of Thailand strongly recommends that you submit your application and supporting documentation online prior to traveling to Thailand in an effort to expedite the visa-on-arrival process.


The 2022 ICFP ISC Secretariat expresses its deepest appreciation for the patience and understanding of entire ICFP community as we work through these challenges. We are thrilled to welcome the family planning and SRHR community to Thailand in less than a month’s time for ICFP2022 this 14-17 November. Thank you!


We want to hear from you!

Comments and questions about the ICFP2022 visa process can be submitted here. We are also interested in hearing from those who have completed the application process and successfully received their visa.

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